British Museum Ancient Olympic Connections

According to legend the gods themselves participated in the original Olympic Games. Whether that be true or not the victors of the games were treated like heroes. Every four years, for one thousand years sportsmen gathered at Olympia to honour Zeus with their prowess and skill. Their games were in many ways similar to the modern games. Thousands travelled from all over the Greek world to relish the excitement and thrill of competition.

In the museum you can see the boxers, the runners and the chariots that participated, you can see the prizes and even some of the victors themselves. The names of those who won at Olympia live forever. On this tour you will hear about the cheats, the corruption, the training and the celebration that made the ancient Olympics such a unique presentation of sport and the individual.

You will discover the distinctions between the modern and ancient Olympics and what it was like to be a visitor to the ancient games. Join this tour and let the past be the inspiration to the future - in 2012 and beyond - join the sporting heroes.

WHEN:10.30am Fridays
WHERE:The meeting point will be at the bottom of the steps to the right hand side of the British Museum main entrance on Great Russell Street
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COST:£9 Adults, £6 children (U16), students (with student ID card), and seniors. Cash only.
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