Tours of the Olympic Park Area

For regular tours of the area surrounding the Olympic park - look no further - our professional Blue Badge Tourist Guides have guided over 100,000 people on our widely acclaimed Olympic walks over the last 5 years:

We have just arrived home after a brilliant tour with one of your guides. So much interesting history of the area - every detail she gave us left us very few questions to ask as she was so very thorough.

Lots of visitors to England in our group, and I felt very proud to be English!

Thank you to Tour Guides Ltd for providing tours at a reasonable cost, which give such a huge amount of information on the Olympics, the venues and of the history of the East End of London.

We must say, it was an excellent experience; from the professionalism of your guides directing us from the underground, to the starting point, to the actual tour.

The guide was of course full of knowledge, as to be expected from a Blue Badge Guide

Our tours are recommended by the UK Tourist authority VISIT BRITAIN, and the tours have featured in magazine and newspaper articles all over the world.

Walking Tours in the Area of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

London's professional BLUE BADGE TOURIST GUIDES can take you on a tour of the sites of the London 2012 Games to chart the progress of the regeneration of this part of East London and the creation of a “new piece of London” for 2014 and beyond.

Below you will find a description of the tour you can take with our guides, whether you are arriving on foot, by rail or in a coach.

Now the park has fully reopened we have new dates for the Olympic park walk - click here for details.

Following the success of our Olympic coach tours last year, we are pleased to introduce some new dates for August, September and October:

  • Sunday 14th December - 10:00 am

Our three hour coach tour will take you to many of the Olympic venues which produced such magical moments at the 2012 Games. You will see for yourself the iconic buildings and highly acclaimed Olympic parklands.

Click here for full details

For a thousand years the finest and strongest sportsmen met in Olympia every 4 years to show off their strength and skills and at the same time to honour their gods.

The story of the ancient Olympic Games comes to life in this tour of the British Museum where you will learn about the ancient games, the participants, their prizes and you will see these sportsmen taking part in the games, recorded for ever on some of the precious artifacts in the Museum. This tour is revelatory and full of surprises!

This tour is not run on a regular basis for individual visitors, but can be arranged for private groups - please email us for details.

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